What is CPD and why is it important?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process of tracking and documenting all the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain – formally and informally – as you work beyond your initial qualifications or training.

CPD is one of the requirements for renewing your ICBA membership, as on-going learning means you are keeping your industry knowledge current and relevant. Just like pilots, doctors and many other professionals, financial industry professionals need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

ICBA members must earn at least 20 CPD points every year. Each hour of learning you complete = 1 CPD point. These points are either:


You have to prove your learning, e.g. provide an attendance certificate from seminars, workshops, etc. A minimum of 8 verifiable points is required (12 points minimum for Certified Technical Financial Accountant, Certified Technical Public Accountant, and Certified Financial Accountant members).


Self-study that you keep a record of yourself, e.g. reading industry articles.

How to earn CPD points

  1. By attending workshops, seminars and conferences. Some of these are discounted for ICBA members. Click here to see a list of upcoming CPD events in the ICBA’s events calendar. You may find others that you’d prefer as well.
  2. By taking part in online webinars from the comfort of your own home or office. ICBA webinars are a free resource for ICBA members and interested parties. If you’re not able to attend a webinar, a recording can be sent to you. The next ICBA webinar dates will be communicated on our Facebook page. There are also other webinars offered by ICBA-endorsed CPD partners, which usually cost an average of R 250 each. View our events calendar for these upcoming webinars.
  3. Through self-study that includes reading relevant articles and professional journals. Even reading the ICBA newsletter counts as 1 CPD point! To subscribe to this newsletter, please email the ICBA with your ICBA reference number.

Earning CPD points is affordable

R 250 per hour but it could be less if planned carefully. Webinars tend to be the most affordable. Look out for the ICBA free webinars advertised in our newsletter and social media.

How to keep a record of your CPD points

ICBA members must use the ICBA CPD Tracking Form to record all their learning. You will need to show this form to the ICBA when you apply to renew your membership. Click here to download the ICBA CPD Tracking Form.

Make sure that you are familiar with all the ICBA’s CPD policies and procedures by reading through the ICBA CPD Policy. Click here to download this document.

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Got any questions about CPD? Contact the ICBA now.