What fees are accountants charging?

Article source: Accounting Weekly

In a recent survey conducted by the University of Pretoria, accountants were asked what their fees are for particular services offered to clients. How do you compare?

From the above table it is clear that fees charged for services vary significantly. The size and complexity of the client and the time spent on the service influence the fee charged, whether in total or per hour/item. An Income Tax Return for an individual (IT12) costs on average R1,164, but can cost up to R87,550. The most common fee for an IT12 is R350 per hour. Firms that provide payroll services to their clients, charge on average R305 per hour/item for this service. At most, a client would have to pay R36,000 per month for payroll services.

The fee charged for monthly bookkeeping of a simple business is on average R3,073 (R418 per hour). Dependent on the size of the client, the total costs can amount to R100,000, but can be as little as R150. Financial statements for a non-audit company can cost up to R200,000, depending on the size and complexity of the client. The average per hour fee for financial statements (non-audit company) is R898.