The quick and easy guide to earning CPD points

All ICBA members have to earn a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points every year. Sounds intimidating? It isn’t, we promise!

One hour of learning = 1 CPD point. Points are either:

  • Verifiable – you can prove that you did it. E.g. an attendance certificate from a workshop. You need only 8 or 12 verifiable CPD points (hours) every year, depending on your level of membership (obviously you can exceed this if you want to!).
  • Unverifiable – we have to take your work that you did as learning. E.g. reading this newsletter. These hours plus your verifiable hours should total 20 every year.

Earning CPD points is actually really affordable. We averaged out the cost of all the CPD-earning sessions that we’ve listed on our site since January 2015, and it came to just under R200/hour. Remember, that’s an average. It could be less if planned carefully. So to earn your 8 verifiable hours for the year, you’ll have to spend only around R1,600. That’s about R130/month.

Earning CPD points is super easy. The EVENTS SECTION on the ICBA website is updated regularly with workshops, seminars and webinars that can earn you CPD points. Like these which are coming up in the next few months:

  1. Attend the Tax Indaba, which will be held in Johannesburg (7-11 September). A one-day ticket costs R2,199 if you register by 7 August.
  2. Do you live far from the major centres? Then look out for seminars which are also shared online as webinars, like the SA Accounting Academy’s Trusts and Estate Planning webinar on 2 September. The webinar will earn you 4 verifiable CPD points (plus 1 more if you do an optional online assessment afterwards), and costs only R499.
  3. Reading these newsletters count! You’ll earn 0.5 points for every ICBA newsletter you read. Don’t forget to click through and read all the articles we link to as well, for it to count.
  4. Registered ICBA members will receive a 20% discount when viewing video content on the Upload Media website. Learn more about this member benefit over here.

You need CPD. CPD is one of the ICBA’s membership requirements, but for very a good reason. Ongoing learning means our members are keeping their knowledge current, which boosts others’ confidence in your work too.

Keep a record! Don’t forget to keep a log of your CPD on the ICBA’s CPD Tracking Form (download it here). Print out the form and add to it every time you do any activities like the ones above. Clip receipts and course completion certificates to it where applicable too. You will need to send the ICBA this form – the attachments are called for if audited – when you apply to renew your membership.