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Basic Accounting Video Course

The Basic Accounting to Trial Balance Video CD Disc Course, will help you understand how your books of account are constructed from source entry to trial balance,

You will be able to recognize and understand the accounting entries that originate within your own business, enabling a more controlled environment within which your business can operate in.

Additionally, you will be introduced to the accountant and bookkeepers jargon, enabling you to understand the language of business.

This Video is designed for entrepreneurs, financial and bookkeeping staff who wish to gain a basic understanding of how the books of account are designed and integrate into business, leading ultimately into the Financial Statements.

During the video, the following Topics are covered: 

  • Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting Terminology
  • Why you need Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Source Documents, Books of First Entry
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Audit Trails
  • Trial Balance
  • Reconciliations
  • Month/Year End Close of Process
  • Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

VAT Administration Video Course
The VAT Administration Process Video CD Disc is designed for individuals, staff and financial management that are required to calculate and submit VAT returns for a business, and have no or very little understanding/knowledge of how VAT really works.
During the video, the following Topics are covered:
  • Registrations – Supporting Documents and Forms to fill in
  • VAT Categories
  • How to fill in the VAT201 form
  • Invoices – what are they supposed to look like?
  • E-Invoices – how am I supposed to store them?
  • Connected Persons
  • Accrual Basis / Invoice Basis compared to Payment Basis
  • The 10-Day Rule
  • Exceptions to the general time and value of supply

Financial Statements Video Course

This comprehensive e-learning Video CD Disc is designed to show the entrepreneur, managers, professionals, bookkeepers and other uses of financial statements, how to read and use key data from the financial statements, to understand profitability and cash flow of a business.

The course teaches the three main statements, Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Cash Flow Statement, to manage the cash flow cycle from purchases to banking the cash.

During the video, the following Topics are covered:
  • Easy to follow Video Presented Modules by an experienced practising Accountant
  • Comprehensive Downloadable Notes for each Module
  • Online Self-tests and Assignments
  • Technical Support for all online Access Queries
  • Email Support for all Content Queries from a professional accountant

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