SAAA webinar: How to unlock the goldmine sitting in your email (client) list – 18 Feb 2015


Most accountants are unaware of the goldmine inherent in their client email list. This list allows you to:

  • Build ongoing relationships with prospects and clients that allow you to stay top of mind even if you cannot get to all your clients in person every month.
  • Promote ALL of your products and services to clients and prospects (how many of your clients know about every product or service that you sell? You are leaving tons of money on the table and email marketing can help with this).
  • Sell your products and services on autopilot.
  • Make money by selling other peoples products and services so that you can stop trading your time for money.
  • Put your marketing on autopilot so that once you have written a good marketing sequence, all of your clients and future prospects will automatically get the same sequence of messages – write once and benefit forever.

In this ground-breaking webinar you will learn:

  • What an auto responder is and how to set it up and use it (this is the software that runs in the background that allows you to manage your email lists and do all of the cool things listed above!)
  • How to set up different email lists for different purposes.
  • The difference between prospect and customer email lists.
  • How to get your emails delivered, opened and read (not as easy as you may think until you know some stealth ninja psychology)
  • How often to send emails to your clients.
  • What content to put in your emails.
  • How to make money every time you send out an email.
  • How to build long lasting relationships with your list.
  • How to use email marketing to get prospects to convert into paying customers.
  • Much, much more…

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attendance of this webinar will accrue 2 + 1 hours’ CPD for members of a relevant professional body such as ACCA, SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CSSA, ICBA, LSSA, FPI, and the IBA.

ACCA is a full member of IFAC. The ACCA CPD policy is compliant with IFAC IES7 and is recognised by SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CIS and others.

Complete a post-webinar questionnaire and earn an additional CPD hour.


  • Non-members = R 399.00
  • SAAA members = R 299.00
  • CPD subscribers = FREE

All prices include VAT.

When and where

  • 18 February 2015
  • 14h00 – 16h00
  • Online webinar

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