Provisional Tax – Webinar on Demand


The accurate calculation of provisional tax requires an applied knowledge of the very important underlying principles of provisional tax.

In this Webinar on Demand series, Prof Jackie Arendse explains the following important considerations:

– Who are classified as provisional taxpayers?

– What are the requirements of a provisional taxpayer?

– How do you calculate estimated taxable income and provisional tax liability?

– What options are available if a taxpayer is charged a penalty or interest on provisional tax?

Prof Arendse covers everything you need to know about provisional tax for individuals, companies and trusts, the penalties that can be charged, how to calculate provisional tax, how the penalties are calculated and how to apply for penalties to be waived.

The Webinar series incorporates recent legislative amendments.

Provisional Tax: The Basics | Part 1
What is provisional tax?
Who is the “provisional taxpayer?”

Provisional Tax: Compliance | Part 2
Requirements of a provisional taxpayer
Calculating the provisional tax liability

Provisional Tax: Calculations | Part 3
Calculating estimated taxable income
Basic amount

Provisional Tax: Dealing with Penalities | Part 4
Provisional tax penalties
– What types of penalties
– What to do if you are charged a penalty

Provisional Tax: Dealing with Interest | Part 5
Interest on over/underpayments of provisional tax