Who can apply?

  • ICB Graduates

    If you currently hold an ICB qualification and have appropriate work experience, you will be able to register with the ICBA as a member and enjoy the benefits associated with a professional body.

  • Graduates holding ICBA-recognised qualifications from professional bodies or accredited tuition providers

    We welcome member applications from anyone who holds an NQF Level 3 or higher professional financial, accounting, bookkeeping, business or office management qualification, and who has relevant work experience.

  • People who have not yet qualified

    If you are studying towards an accredited qualification as described above but have not yet qualified, you can apply for ICBA membership at student level. You won’t be able to use a designation, as those are for qualified professionals only, but you will get all the other member benefits.

What you need

  • Qualifications

    Qualified ICBA members must hold an NQF Level 3 or higher qualification in finance, accounting, bookkeeping, business or office management (subject to approval by the ICBA). Student members need to show proof of student registration.

  • Work experience

    Qualified members must have a specific amount of work experience or experiential learning behind them. As part of your ICBA membership application you will be asked to fill in a logbook. The ICBA will assess this when considering you for membership.

  • Membership fees

    Your annual membership fee must be paid in order to use ICBA designations and receive member benefits.

  • Continuing Professional Development hours (CPD)

    To retain your ICBA membership, you need to complete at least 20 hours of professional learning every year.

The different levels at a glance:

Membership LevelDesignationNQF Level AttainedMinimum Work Experience*
Certified Junior BookkeeperCJBIcba(SA)Level 36 months
Certified Public Accounts AdministratorCPAAIcba(SA)Level 412 months
Certified Senior BookkeeperCSBIcba(SA)Level 412 months
Certified Technical Financial Accountant CTFAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Technical Public AccountantCTPAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Junior Office AdministratorCJOAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Senior Office AdministratorCSOAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Financial AccountantCFAIcba(SA)Level 636 months
Certified Office ManagerCOMIcba(SA)Level 636 months
Student NoneNot applicable0 months
*Relevant and current work experience