Membership requirements

Who can apply for ICBA membership?

  • Graduates and financial practitioners holding an ICBA-recognised qualification from the ICB or another professional body or accredited tuition provider. We welcome member applications from anyone who holds an NQF Level 3 or higher professional financial, accounting, bookkeeping, business or office management qualification, and who has relevant work experience.
  • Students. If you are studying towards an accredited qualification as described above but have not yet qualified, you can apply for ICBA membership at student level. You won’t be able to use a designation, as those are for qualified professionals only, but you will get all the other member benefits.

Membership criteria:

  • Qualifications: Qualified ICBA members must hold an NQF Level 3 or higher qualification in finance, accounting, bookkeeping, business or office management (subject to approval by the ICBA). Student members need to show proof of student registration.
  • Work experience: Qualified members must have a specific amount of work experience or experiential learning behind them. As part of your ICBA membership application you will be asked to fill in a logbook. The ICBA will assess this when considering you for membership.
  • Membership fees: Your annual membership fee must be paid in order to use ICBA designations and receive member benefits.
  • Continuing Professional Development hours (CPD): To retain your ICBA membership, you need to complete at least 20 hours of professional learning every year.