Why join a professional body like the ICBA?

Improve your credibility

Being a member of a professional body shows that you take your career seriously. It reassures employers and clients that you are committed to your professional development and are part of a respected community.

Place letters after your name*

When you apply to join the ICBA, we assess your qualifications and work experience. If these meet our membership criteria, and you pay our annual membership fee, you will be certified as an ICBA member at a specific level. Student members do not get a designation, but all qualified members will be able to place their designation (letters) after their names, for as long as their membership is current. For example, Certified Senior Bookkeepers can put CSBIcba(SA) after their names. All members receive a membership certificate that is valid until the end of the calendar year.
* Not applicable to student members who are not yet qualified.

Get a whole range of benefits

The ICBA offers its members a range of benefits that help them in their careers. We are also constantly working to improve the credibility and image of our industry, which in turn benefits our professional community. Click here for a detailed list of our current member benefits.

Keep your knowledge current

Like pilots, doctors and other professionals, financial industry professionals need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. ICBA members must earn a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points each year. This learning benefits members and the services you offer, and is hugely reassuring for your employers and clients too.


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