Looking at how this year has started off, with the second wave of COVID-19 combined with restrictions imposed by government, small businesses will continue to suffer. It will thus come as no surprise if this upward trend in new business registration continues to rise in 2021.

Parallel to this, here is another important statistic − businesses today face more competition than ever. It has been reported that in 2015 the typical business had just 2,6 competitors. Today, that number has almost quadrupled, to 9,7.

Looking at these statistics on new market entrants and competition in combination, the obvious question then becomes how do you differentiate yourself in order to attract your target market.

This brings us to our topic today, which looks at a very important aspect to consider when starting your business, namely branding.

Building a brand is the key to unlocking growth and retention in your customer base and following. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re building one. Your brand should:

Tell a story SAICA is a great example of this. From a young age, the idea of a CA(SA) is that of successful business professional, hence we all aspired and worked hard to earn this designation. Be sure to keep in mind that the main character in your branding story should be your customer, not your product.
Start with meaning Stand for something meaningful: ‘Do beautiful business’ (Xero), ‘Beautiful food. Stunning environments’ (Tasha’s), ‘Impossible is nothing’ (Adidas). This is aptly described by Simon Sinek: ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,’
Show how Finish this sentence: ‘The best online shopping platform in South Africa is [blank].’ Most of us aren’t thinking anything other than Takealot. Takealot is consistent, efficient and convenient. Your dominant selling idea needs to be important, believable, and memorable to your market.
Be intentionally controversial (in a good way) Most social media messaging that ends up viral is controversial. We see this almost every day on social media. A good example of this is Nando’s, who have built a bit of a reputation over the years by being witty and controversial through some of their media content.

We asked Andile Khumalo CA(SA), who is an expert in the brand space, to share some of his thoughts on brand.

‘I think we need to start with a common understanding of what a brand is. My favourite definition is that a brand is “the perception that lives in the minds of consumers”. This perception then influences the consumer’s decision to either buy or not buy a product or service.

‘So, branding is the science and art of creating a particular perception in people’s minds about your product or service. But the truth is that a brand is built or destroyed
by every interaction that consumers have with your company, your product and your people.

‘I would say that entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to the experience that customers have with their companies, their products and their people – starting with the entrepreneur themselves. If people’s interaction with you is positive, you are building a good brand. If the interaction is negative, you are building a bad brand.

‘It’s really that simple.’

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Jameel Khan, Head of Projects, SAICA Enterprise Development