Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with the ICBA

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the ICBA’s requirements for membership renewal: on-going learning means you are keeping your industry knowledge current and relevant

You earn 1 CPD point for each hour of learning you complete and Members must earn at least 20 CPD points every year.

Points are either:

  • Non-verifiable: Self-study that you keep a record of yourself, e.g. reading industry articles.
  • Verifiable: You have to prove your learning, e.g. provide an attendance certificate from seminars, workshops, etc. A minimum of 8 verifiable points required (12 points minimum for Certified Technical Financial Accountant, Certified Technical Public Accountant, and Certified Financial Accountant members).

Earning CPD points is super easy
Have a look at the Events section on this site – it’s updated regularly with workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences that can earn you CPD points. You may find others that you’d prefer as well. Self-study including reading relevant articles and professional journals will also count towards your CPD hours. Even reading the ICBA newsletter counts! To subscribe to this newsletter, please email us with your ICBA reference number.

Earning CPD points is really affordable
The average cost of all the CPD-earning sessions listed on this site from January to July 2016 was just under R250/hour. So to earn 8 verifiable hours for the year, you’ll have to spend around R2,000 – about R167/month. Remember, that’s an average… it could be less if planned carefully.

Keep a record
ICBA members must use the ICBA’s CPD Tracking Form to record their learning. You will need to show this to the ICBA when you apply to renew your membership.