Betty Bookkeeper

Betty Bookkeeper answers your questions on who can verify financial statements

Good day,

I’m registered Accountant with ICBA, my designation is Certified Financial Accountant.

I’m running my own practicing firm.

One of my client is looking for funding from funding institutions and he has been requested to submit an auditors letter confirming his  monthly drawings and income. Do I qualify to verify his bank statements and financial statements and write him this letter.

For your information- this client falls under small businesses, he cannot afford to hire a qualified auditor to audit his financials and compile an audit report for him.

Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.


Good Day Sam,

If your client falls into the SME framework with a PIS score below 350 (refer new Companies Act of 2008), then any acclaimed accounting officer may issue such a letter for him, as from a legal perspective he is not obliged to then appoint an auditing firm to perform these duties on his behalf.  You are more than qualified to issue this letter to him, obviously after reviewing his financial affairs to the extent that you feel comfortable to put your approval and signature on such a letter.


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