Betty Bookkeeper explains who is eligible to complete Tax Returns

Hi Betty

This question is regarding tax returns.  When I completed my Diploma – Technical Financial Accountant I applied with SAIT for membership but I was declined membership as they said even though I had the qualification I did not have enough experience regarding tax returns.  I’ve been looking for employment to gain this experience but jobs are few.  I know that I am allowed to complete tax returns for family members for no payment but my question is am I allowed to complete tax returns (provisional tax, Emp 201, EMP 501 and VAT returns etc for my bookkeeping clients if I do not charge for the tax portion and only charge for the bookkeeping? I don’t know how else I will get the required experience.


Hi Sarah

You are allowed to complete the tax returns with your clients consent.  Many companies employ bookkeepers who are not registered tax practitioners who complete tax returns. You would just need to declare on the submissions that they are done by you.  It is also important that you do not present yourself as a tax practitioner to your clients until you are registered with SAIT.

Hope that helps!

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