Betty Bookkeeper

Betty Bookkeeper answers your questions on who can act as an Accounting Officer

Hi Betty

I am a registered tax practitioner through SAIT but I have a client which is registered as a close corporation. I have a BCom Accounting degree but am not certified as a professional or chartered accountant through SAIPA or SAICA. Am I able to act as the Accounting Officer for the business or do I need to register with another certified body?


Hi Dean

The appointment of Accounting Officers in terms of Close Corporations is regulated by Section 60 (4) of the Close Corporations Act, 1984. It provides that any person who is a member of a recognised profession as listed in subsection 2, may be appointed as an Accounting Officer of a Close Corporation. Currently thie CIPC unfortunately does not recognise membership to SAIT as qualifying criteria to be appointed as an Accounting Officer. Please refer to the following link in this regard:

Hope that helps!

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