ACCA is offering ICB registered students who have completed their ICB National Diploma Financial Accounting NQF 6 qualification the following special;

Item Standard Price Offer Price*
Initial Registration £40.00 £30.00
Subscription year 1 £112.00 £0.00
Exemption AB (F1) £80.00 £30.00
Exemption MA (F2) £80.00 £30.00
Exemption FA (F3) £80.00 £30.00
Exemption LW (F4) £106.00 £30.00
Exemption PM (F5) £106.00 £106.00
Exemption TX (F6) £106.00 £30.00
Exemption FR (F7) £106.00 £106.00
Exemption AA (F8) £106.00 £106.00
Exemption FM (F9) £106.00 £106.00

Discounts will only be applied to the exemptions the student is eligible for, following assessment by ACCA Customer Operations.
* Exemption discount is only applicable to ICB registered students.

Please make use of the following code CB8 on the application where it indicates registration code. It is imperative that the code is used to make use of the discount.

To register, please follow this link and pay the required fee online;

To familiarise yourself with ACCA, its presence, student support, fees as well as the registration process, please click here:

All queries can be directed to Linah Thaba at

+27 11 459 1904 (Direct Line)


To access the registration guide, please follow this link to the knowledge base.