About the ICBA

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (ICBA) is a professional body for qualified finance professionals and office administrators in  southern Africa.

We award designations for people who hold recognised, registered qualifications and relevant work experience – while working to improve the perception and professionalism of our field.

The ICBA welcomes members who have ICB qualifications, as well as NQF-registered qualifications from other professional bodies and accredited tuition providers. Learners who are studying towards one of these qualifications are also welcome to join the ICBA as student members.

Membership levelDesignationNQF level attainedMinimum work experience *
Student NoneNot applicable0 months
Certified Junior BookkeeperCJBIcba(SA)Level 36 months
Certified Public Accounts AdministratorCPAAIcba(SA)Level 412 months
Certified Senior BookkeeperCSBIcba(SA)Level 412 months
Certified Technical Financial Accountant CTFAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Technical Public AccountantCTPAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Junior Office AdministratorCJOAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Senior Office AdministratorCSOAIcba(SA)Level 524 months
Certified Financial AccountantCFAIcba(SA)Level 636 months
Certified Office ManagerCOMIcba(SA)Level 636 months
*Relevant and current work experience