A Guide: How to Earn CPD Points with ICBA

Let’s get straight to the point. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the most important components of a successful finance career today. Gone are the days of the once – off qualification. The accounting industry is rapidly evolving and advancing and so are its systems- new workflow structures, cloud computing, cybersecurity! Not to mention the possibility of future robo- accountants! Keeping your knowledge current and up- to- date in this transformative landscape is not only beneficial, it is imperative.

So what is CPD? CPD refers to the practice of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training. And it is a requirement of ICBA membership.

With this in mind, here is a guide to earning those all – important CPD points. Don’t worry- it’s super easy!

  1. Attend Events

 Leave the corner cubicle and get out of the office! Attending informative workshops, seminars and conferences is a great way to earn CPD points, network with industry leaders and stay abreast of current accounting developments. The ICBA has a full line up of events plotted on our calendars every month, ranging in topics from compliance and legislation to payroll and business tax. These events run nationwide. Get out your diaries and pencil in some events close to you, or choose your favourites- some of them are even discounted for ICBA members. Light-bulb moments ahead!

  1. Watch Webinars

 Think webinars are just for IT geeks? Think again! Career advancement is just a click a way. Webinars are one of the easiest ways to earn CPD points from the comfort of your own home or office – all you need is a WIFI connection and a calendar invite. Dates are communicated via our Facebook page or alternatively, you can view our events calendar on our website. PLUS! ICBA Webinars are free for members. Next time you see that calendar reminder- don’t be too quick to dismiss it!

  1. Self -Study to Success

 Knowledge is power and self – study is your ticket! Reading relevant, interesting articles and professional journals in your own time is acutely beneficial and can all tally up in the end. Resources can be found in our website News section or on a multitude of accounting and bookkeeping specific websites. Even reading the ICBA newsletter counts as 0,5 CPD points. The newsletter is jam packed with informative content for you to enjoy. To subscribe to this newsletter, please email the ICBA with your ICBA reference number. Happy Studying!

Done and dusted. See- earning CPD points isn’t difficult and can be fun! Want to learn more about earning CPD points? Visit https://www.icba.org.za/cpd/  or contact us at https://www.icba.org.za/contact-us/


Please Note!
ICBA members must use the ICBA’s CPD Tracking Form to record their learning. You will need to show this to the ICBA when you apply to renew your membership. Furthermore, please note you earn 1 CPD point for each hour of learning you complete and Members must earn at least 20 CPD points every year.