Milpark offering ICB graduates special deal

If you have a National Diploma Financial Accounting NQF6 qualification from ICB, you may apply for entry into the below registered qualifications at Milpark.

Milpark special for ICB Students:

The exemption fee is usually R1 050 per module, this has been reduced to R400 for the full parcel of exemptions for ICB students under this current progression route.

A maximum of 50% of the credits of the completed qualification may be transferred to another qualification.

For further information on this option please go to:

ICBA / SAAA package 2019

Normal price: R 300.00 / monthly
ICBA member discount R 200.00 / monthly
Core Events Month Provider CPD Hours
How to register a business February SAAA * 3 Hours
How to grow a bookkeeping practice March SAAA * 3 Hours
VAT for bookkeepers April Tax Faculty  2 Hours
Payroll for bookkeepers June SAAA * 3 Hours
Co Law amendments for bookkeepers August SAAA * 3 Hours
Personal and Business Income Tax for bookkeepers November Tax Faculty  2 Hours

* Get an additional hour for passing an assessment on the topic.

For more info:

Designation: What is it and why does it matter?

In a society where there are so many people in the job market, and new people joining every year, it is nice to set yourself apart from the rest.  There is a certain sense of pride in receiving acknowledgement for the hard work it’s taken to achieve a certain level of competence.

A professional designation does just that – it is an official endorsement from a professional body, like the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants, of your skills and experience.  It is that additional element you can add to your CV or business card that gives you bragging rights of your expertise.

As a Professional Body for finance professionals and office administrators, the ICBA award designations for people who hold recognised, registered qualifications and relevant work experience – while working to improve the perception and professionalism of our field.

We’ve rounded up some reasons why you need a Professional Designation:

  1. Having a designation gives you a sense of pride

It’s a great feeling when someone else acknowledges your skills and level of competence. Not only does this give a sense of pride, but with that comes a feeling of confidence in your ability in handling challenging situations.  You’ve learned the skills, but having the confidence to apply them and show your worth is a game changer.

  1. Having a designation shows a commitment to your role and your organisation

You take your career seriously and you want to show any company you’re currently a part of (or applying to be a part of) that you mean business.  Having a designations shows your commitment to your career and your future and gives greater work performance, making you the shining star in any organisation.

  1. Having a designation sets you apart from the crowd

Competing in the job market you need something that makes you stand out in the crowd, that something that distinguishes you from other staff members.  Having a designation shows dedication to your job and your plans to continue developing and growing as a professional, making you the better candidate in an interview room.

  1. Having a designation ensures your knowledge and skills are current

 In order to be awarded a designation – and maintain it going forward – you will need to have a commitment to lifelong learning.  Having a designation ensures your knowledge and skills are current and valid in a constantly changing workplace.

  1. Having a designation is recognition of your accumulated training

Being awarded a designation is support for the range of industry skills and knowledge you have acquired through a combination of education and experience.  By continuing your education and adding to your skills through formal training or continuous professional development, your designation can change and constant recognition is extremely rewarding.

If you’re interested in standing out from the rest – join the ICBA today and receive your designation!