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ICBA welcomes Genesis Webinars powered by ProfitPoint Solutions!


We are pleased to announce that Genesis Webinars powered by ProfitPoint Solutions will be offering Webinar Training each month to empower and educate in a series of dynamic and practical webinars.

ICBA were invited to attend the King IV webinar and were very impressed with the service we received and the professionalism of the process. Delegate Notes are emailed the day before the Webinar, so that you can have a read-through and familiarise yourself with the content. A few reminders are sent to ensure you don’t forget to attend and CPD Certificates will be supplied after the Webinar.

The content is jam-packed so you will see that it is worth the investment. What’s more, questions at the end of all webinars will be received in both English and Afrikaans.


Introducing the Presenters:

9031160438Dr. John W Hendrikse | B.Com(UCT), CFA(SA)., MBA.(Stellenbosch), PhD

Dr John W. Hendrikse is the co-author of the Corporate Governance Handbook (JUTA & Co) and author of the Valuations Handbook: Business, Company and Commercial Property Valuations (Genesis Publishers)

John is CEO of Genesis Corporate Services cc, OnlineMOI, OnlineBizValuations and ProfitPoint Solutions that provide value-added online solutions to support bookkeepers, accountants, attorneys, auditors, company secretaries and business professionals.

John is an international trainer and presenter on a range of strategic Executive Training Solutions, focussing on topics such as: Business and Equity Valuations, Due Diligence Audits and Internal Audits, Enterprise Risk Management, Turnaround Strategies and Business Rescue, Performance Management, Corporate Governance Best Practices and Directors’ Duties including the New Companies Act and King IV applications. John has also developed a Combined Assurance Model and Business Rescue Plan for financially distressed companies.

ADV LEIGH HEFERDr. Adv. Leigh Hefer   | B.Sc. (Hons.), LL.B (cum laude), LL.M (magna cum laude), Ph.D

Leigh Hefer is the Executive Chairman of OnlineMOI, an admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and the author of several books including: Notes on South African Companies Act and Questions & Answers on SA Companies Act, Questions & Answers on Business Rescue, Questions & Answers for Auditors & Accountants, Vrae & Antwoorde oor die Suid-Afrikaanse Maatskappywet, Questions & Answers on Close Corporations (Genesis), co-author of Corporate Governance Handbook (Juta).

Leigh is an authority on the new Companies Act, Protection of Personal Information Act and the Consumer Protection Act, and led the team that developed the OnlineMOI web-based tool based on comprehensively researching every aspect of the New Companies Act Sections, Regulations, Forms and Practice Notes in relation to the Memorandum of Incorporation and Best Corporate Practices.

Webinar topics:

See August events:
August 2017 Genesis Webinars – Detailed Webinar Events Programme.

See September events:

September 2017 Genesis Webinars – Detailed Webinar Events Programme.


Thank you very much. The webinar was certainly very informative and extensive in it’s presentation. Advocate Denzil Jacobs

Thank you very much for presenting King IV in a simplified and understandable manner.

Melinda Gous | Managing Director Fusion Corporate Secretarial Services

Thank you. It was a fantastic presentation and personally I really picked up some really good tips.

Susan Vasconcelos | Partner NEXUS Management Consultants


All events will secure 1 verifiable CPD point per hour of the training and a certificate will be sent to all registered attendees.

Discounts for members

ICBA Members will pay about R475 for 2 hour webinars and about R675.00 for 3 hour webinars.

Non ICBA Members will pay around R550 for a 2 hour webinar, R750 for a 3 hour webinar.


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Limited spaces are available so book your attendance now!

ICBA Members: email or fax the forms below to the email provided.

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How to Start an Online Shop or Business in SA

Why you should get an online shop for your business today.


It all started 23 years ago with one Sting CD.

A man named Phil bought an album from NetMarket in Philadelphia on the 11th of August 1994, marking which seems to be the first online purchase in human history.

The New York Times had the perfect headline, “Attention Shoppers: Internet Is Open”. Almost two decades later and e-commerce business is booming.

By the end of this year, consumers worldwide will spend about $1.9 trillion on online purchases, according to eMarketer.com.

Online Shopping is the Future

The obstacles that stopped multiple online shopping sprees from following that one momentous album sale are problems of yesteryear today.

Almost half of the world’s Internet users will be making online purchases by 2018, says Statista.

More people have access to the internet; internet costs are dropping; reputable brands have online stores; payment are easier and more secure; and online shops can often provide better prices, instant customer reviews and free delivery to your doorstep.

As a result, Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world according to Ready Cloud, a company that specialises in e-commerce software.


Free Consultation

South Africa’s rapidly growing Ecommerce Industry

In South Africa the current number of online shoppers is not nearly as impressive as the rapid growth rates.

South Africa’s online spending is expected to increase by a whopping 43% by 2018, according to Ipsos’s 3rd annual study on global ecommerce figures (a study commissioned by PayPal). That amounts to a grand total of R53 billion.

“The growth rate in South Africa is still exceptionally high, coming off a very low base”, explains Arthur Goldstuck, the managing director of the World Wide Worx (a research company focused on South African business tech).

“This indicates that there is tremendous potential in this market for new business models and even underexposed product categories,” he reveals in his interview with Moneyweb.

How to make the most of Ecommerce Opportunities in SA

South African entrepreneurs need to up their game in order to meet the level of ecommerce innovation in established Western markets, says Goldstuck.

Company Partner’s Branding expert, Daniel Coetzee, agrees.

“A lack of knowledge, hampers the level of ecommerce in SA,” Coetzee says.

Coetzee is part of a team of experts at Company Partners who assist Start-Ups with legal documentation and business growth.

“Most people have heard of the concept. They’ve heard of the possibility of turning their website into an online store, but they stay away due to lack of know-how.”

e-commerce website

How to get a started with your Online Shop

Consequently Coetzee recently launched a turnkey ecommerce service at Company Partners to assist struggling SA entrepreneurs with entering the ecommerce market.

“We offer the foundation and education to empower you to start selling your goods online,” says Coetzee.

This cost-effective service includes a website and an online shop setup, 3 hours of support and a series of online video tutorials.

“The opportunities of selling online are limited only to yourself. With an online shop you can cater to clients outside your usual sphere of influence.

“The best part is, it’s a 24 /7 trading platform. Allowing you to generate more revenue in a day without having to keep those extended office hours.”

Learn more about this ecommerce service, where whole new generations of shoppers are waiting for you.

5 Reasons to attend the Finance Indaba Africa

The Finance Indaba Africa is the biggest annual expo and conference for finance professionals. It brings together peers, technology suppliers, platforms, banks, tools, specialists, CFOs and thought leaders. 5,000 visitors tap into a wealth of resources, know-how and inspiration. Gain unparalleled insights. Cut costs dramatically, send sales & productivity through the roof and boost your company’s profits.

Find a wealth of resources, knowhow and inspiration at the Finance Indaba Thursday 12 October from 09 AM to 7 PM and on Friday 13 October from 9 AM to 6 PM. Visitors of Finance Indaba Africa are finance professionals who are involved in procurement of financial solutions and services. Access to the Finance Indaba Africa is free for members of ICBA, SAIBA, SAAA, ACCA, CIMA, SAIPA, AAT(SA), IAC SA, IIASA, or SAICA and professionals invited by the exhibitors or partners.

Who will be attending?
– Accountants
– Banks and finance providers
– Cloud services
– Consultants to improve finance
– Debt collecting services
– Forex advisory
– Insurance solutions and companies
– Investor relation services
–  IT providers for reporting and analytics
–  Leasing providers
– M&A and corporate finance advisorsPersonal Finance advisors
– Private equity companies
– Recruitment and HR agencies
– Tax experts
–  Treasury solutions
–  And much more


ICBA members click here to register for the Finance Indaba 2017

5 Reasons to attend the Finance Indaba Africa




























ICBA members click here to register for the Finance Indaba 2017

For assistance contact:

Finance Indaba Africa is organised by CFO Enterprises South Africa Pty Ltd.  Office telephone: + 27 11 083 7515








Big discounts for ICBA members at The Tax Faculty!


We’re excited to announce that the ICBA has a new agreement with The Tax Faculty which means ICBA members can learn and earn CPD points through seminars, webinars and recordings at discounted rates.
This means that all registered ICBA members and their respective companies, will receive considerable discounts when attending a

Tax Faculty event.


Who is The Tax Faculty?

You may recognise them as providers of The SAIT’s seminars, webinars and training workshops. The Tax Faculty is a tuition provider in tax law dedicated to offering courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) aimed at enhancing the competency of Tax Professionals in South Africa.

What does The Tax Faculty cover?

The Tax faculty offers seminars like the Budget & Tax Update, Advanced & Specialised VAT Issues, Entrepreneurial & Medium Enterprises, Trusts & Deceased Estates, Tax Administration Act and a Year-end Tax Update Seminar.

What will it cost?

ICBA Members will receive the following discounts on these and other seminars:


Earning CPD points is affordable – thanks to the ICBA’s partnership with The Tax Faculty!

Click here to see a list of Tax Faculty’s upcoming workshops in the ICBA’s events calendar.



Study shows a lack of knowledge on Tenders hinders growth of SA entrepreneurs

Article Source: Company Partners


Thousands of tender and RFQs have already been released in the first 6 months of 2017. The only thing standing between SA entrepreneurs and tender success is know-how and assistance.