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How to apply for ICBA membership (first-time applicants and renewals)


Are you a student?

  • If you are studying towards a recognised financial, accounting, bookkeeping or office administration qualification but have not yet completed it, you can still apply to the ICBA – for Student Membership. You’ll get most of the ICBA member benefits except for the use of a designation.
  • Please fill in the ICBA Membership Application Form and pay the ICBA Student Membership fee.
  •  If you are already registered to study with the ICB in 2017, you qualify for discounted ICBA Student Membership.

Do you already have a qualification?

  • If you already hold a recognised qualification in finance, accounting, bookkeeping, business or office management, AND have our required amount of work experience, you may be awarded one of the ICBA Qualified Member statuses. Click here to see all our membership levels. All ICBA members
  • To apply to be a Qualified Member of the ICBA, please review our membership requirements first. Then download the ICBA Membership Application Form, complete it and send it to the ICBA along with the supporting documentation we ask for, along with proof of payment.
  • If you are continuing your studies with the ICB and have already paid your registration fee for 2018, your ICBA membership fee is discounted.
  • If you are renewing your Qualified Membership, please remember to include your CPD Tracking Form with your application as a minimum of 20 hours of CPD each year is a membership requirement.

The ICBA Admissions Board will assess all membership applications and will award levels of membership based on your qualification and relevant work experience.


The ICBA is keeping its fees the same as for 2017!


You can apply at any stage during the year but please note that that ICBA memberships run according to the calendar year. It’s best to get your application in before the New Year to get the most of your membership.

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